Orchestrating Guilt-Free Killer Referrals for Startling Results

Everything you ever need to know about asking for referrals you learned in High School.

Asking for referrals is like asking for date money from your parents when you were a teenager. You know that with the right timing your odds for success go way up and the wrong timing can crush or kill the opportunity.

Orchestrating killer referrals video #5 series outlines a successful guilt free process for timing your referral request perfectly… and one specific mistake to avoid.

Welcome back. Todays blog is #5 in the Orchestrating killer referrals series and it outlines a successful process for timing when to ask for a referral and one specific mistake to avoid.

Orchestrating means that you are creating referrals for your business with intention and predictability.  When it comes to orchestrating killer referrals timing can be everything.

If you needed money for a date night, or just about anything else that you wanted you would watch and wait for just the right time.  You would watch to see who was in the right mood to ask.   You might even start the conversation with something good or amazing that would help to set the mood.  Something like hey Dad, I got all A’s on my report card or I just cleaned the garage or comment on something special that mom or dad accomplished.

When you saw happiness or joy in mom or dad you would amplify their joy with smiles and hugs and love.   You would celebrate their happiness.  And when they had reached just the right state of happiness and satisfaction you would ask for the money you needed for your date night.

Most of us have been learning this since we were children.   In just a minute I’m going to share a similar specific process to maximize your opportunities for generating killer referrals.

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Most referrals are Spontaneous.  and their not bad but some are better than others and they’re simply unpredictable.   Understanding and following the process for orchestrating referrals transitions unpredictable to predictable.

What’s next?

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What’s the difference between Manipulation or Persuasion

You might look at the date night story as pure manipulation but that would be shortsighted.  There is a difference between manipulation and persuasion and it is simply: intent.   Manipulation is soley for personal benefit and results in injury or harm to the other party.   Persuasion is the art of creating a beneficial result for the other party, from which you will also benefit.

In the date night story you are creating, instilling and amplifying joy and happiness in your parent.  This is a gift.  Joy and happiness are perhaps the two most powerful base emotions humans experience.

While you were attempting to satisfy your need you were also creating an emotional experience for your parents.  They were happy and joyful to share in your opportunity for a special experience.  The art of persuasion takes practice but it’s worth it.

How do we recreate this scenario when asking for referrals?  Follow the week 6 P formula,  Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  And it certainly applies when it comes to Orchestrating Killer referrals.

The Plan

So what’s the plan when it comes to asking for referrals?

  1. Set the stage correctly.  Ask for your referrals at peak satisfaction moments.  Usually this is right after they tell you their amazing results or the surprise benefits they received.   I had a friend mention to me that a peak satisfaction moment is when you ask your girlfriend to marry you…   Reach out to your client when they have just experienced a big win, but, and this is key, avoid  asking for a referral right away.  This is like splashing cold water on the experience
  2. Celebrate the win.  Congratulate them on the amazing progress they’ve made.  Ask them how they’re feeling.  They’re probably on cloud nine walking on air…  Amplify the experience.


  1. Bring up the Referral Promise.  Tell them you don’t ask this of everybody, but you’re asking them now.   Are they willing to refer you to three people of their calibre?  Remember your going to give a gift to each person to whom they refer.  A nice gift…  Watch video #3 for the pre-framing process for more info  Pre-framing for Predictable Referral Results
  1. Thank them for their trust.  Reassure them that referrals mean a lot to you and that you will strive forever to provide more peak satisfaction moment for them and their business.
  2. Follow through with your promise

That’s it five simple steps.

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Cheers to your success.

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