What to do with a 47 Year Flight Layover….

Referrals are the life blood of many businesses.  If your marketing includes any type of networking you know that developing relationships that lead to referrals are the #1 objective.  In this short video blog you’ll discover how a 47 year flight layover relates to orchestrating killer referrals.

What if there was a process where you could count on warm referrals coming into your business all the time?  What would three or four weekly warm, “A” list “IDEAL CLIENT” referrals mean for your business? Would you want to know the process?

The Law of Reciprocation

The process  leverages the law of reciprocation and this is the oldest persuasion tool in the history of mankind. You get to feel good. The person providing the referral feels good and the referral feels good. It’s a win, win, win, and while a win win win is always nice.

Killer Referrals

Some, referrals however are better than others. Some referrals are just mega Bonanza gigantic opportunities. These are killer referrals. In fact, if you were to land just one killer referral a week or month, it might make your whole year.

This video series isn’t about routine run of the mill referrals. This is a process that’s designed to orchestrate killer referrals.

Today’s video is the foundation. Without a solid foundation, everything falls apart.

Orchestrating Killer Referrals Video Series

In the next videos I’ll share: How to identify your killer referral sources, How to effectively pre-frame the killer referral conversation, How to overcome client referral fears.

We’ll talk about the referral timing process. When should you ask? We’ll talk about how to execute the killer referral process without pre-framing and how to close the loop and create a continuous refillable cycle of killer referrals.

The Foundation for Orchestrating Killer Referrals

Here’s the foundation. There is simply one prerequisite. You must deliver a WOW customer. “Wow” customer service experience. A WOW experience isn’t just delivering what the customer paid for, but over and above.

When everything goes perfect, this is easy, but often there’s a glitch or a bump in the road. In fact, Murphy almost always shows up at some point, so you’ve got to be prepared.  You can still create an amazing experience as long as you respond to any issues with timely professionalism and humor.

What to do with a 47 Year Layover

If you’ve ever booked a flight online, you know that suggested alternatives are how you make your solution selection.  James Lloyd, is looking to book flights through Skyscanner, that’s a UK based travel application.  He suddenly stumbles upon an unusual flight suggestion and logs on to Facebook to talk with Skyscanner Rep.

He says, “what would they recommend he be doing during his 413,786 hour layover?” That’s 47 years.  The Skyscanner customer service rep calmly responds,

  • “Well, you missed Skongran, but you’ve got another 46 years to enjoy it.”
  • “Or you could take a cruise on the Chao Praya River that could keep you busy for awhile”
  • “or, maybe become a Tai-Chi expert in Lumpkin Park.”

At the end of the chat, the Skyscanner customer service rep, thanks him for the notification and shares that they will get right on it. What a great response!

Murphy strikes, adversity strikes you don’t get to decide when problems arise. You only get to decide your response. Be prepared to respond effectively and with humor.

The Hidden WOW Factor

Often the hidden benefits of your service are the real wow factor. My customers want and need rapid growth. That’s why they work with me and that’s what I deliver. But, the result is always much, much more.

When I asked a recent client their biggest takeaways after three months of working with me, they said: “the entire culture of the organization had changed. Their communication had moved from troubling and occasionally griping to a brand new level of positivity.”

Their profitability had gone up almost 50% for the quarter, but that wasn’t what they talked about. That’s a wow experience.

Orchestrating Referrals

Increasing your red hot referrals is a proven solution for increasing your marketing results and ultimately reaching your sales and revenue targets.

If you don’t have goals and plans, you should. You wouldn’t drive across country without a plan and you’d check it frequently. You wouldn’t build a building without a set of plans and specifications. And again, you’d check it frequently.

Don’t drive your business without a plan, a Strategic Execution Plan and getting started and creating your plan is easy when you attend the One Day Business Accelerator Intensive.

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1 Day Business Accelerator

Cheers to your success.

Thanks to Taki Moore you can see his article here

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