It’s Not about Me. It’s about You. The Virus Stops Here.

There’s an awful lot of hullaballoo over masks these days.

To mask or not to mask… that is the question. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to decide between what we want as an individual and what is good for the greater collective population. At one time we all had the opportunity to decide on wearing seat belts, public smoking and motorcycle helmets too. Turns out that each of these actions saves lives.

Humanity has faced this crossroad since the beginning of time. When and where should we sacrifice individual liberties for the greater good?

The virus doesn’t care about civil liberties. The virus doesn’t care about an election year or any particular country. It just is and does what it does. We can argue about the numbers. Interpretations and opinions will vary but, infection numbers, hospitalizations and deaths are increasing worldwide.

We can choose to focus inwardly, on ourselves, or outwardly on others. I choose to wear a mask and to focus outward because it’s not about me. It’s about you.

The Virus Stops Here.

Love More, Love Harder


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