An Offer They Can’t Refuse

By John Whitt on July 14, 2018
in Clarity, Sales

There’s only one winner and 2nd lowest price loses faster every time. Watch my video.

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Delegation Failure: The 5 Destructive Barriers to Effective Delegation

By John Whitt on July 7, 2018
in Efficiency, Leadership

In this video, I share the 5 destructive barriers to delegation and what to do about it. I promise, if you watch the video, you’ll feel 10 pounds lighter… Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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Dealing With Distraction: The #1 Silent Killer of Your Goals and Profits

By John Whitt on July 5, 2018
in Efficiency, Sales

There’s never enough time to do everything, there’s only enough time to do the most important things. Want to learn to deal with distraction(s)? Watch my video.

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Want to Nail Your Priorities Daily? Try This 6 Step Formula

By John Whitt on July 3, 2018
in Clarity, Efficiency

Follow this six step formula for prioritizing more effectively. It’s not just getting more done. it’s getting more of the “Right” thing done.

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What Does Eating a Frog Have to Do with Ending Procrastination?

By John Whitt on June 21, 2018
in Efficiency

Procrastination is the word used to describe our actions when we avoid doing what we should do. We all wrestle with this challenge. Today’s video is a mindset solution to help in ending procrastination.

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What do Golf Balls have to do with Realizing your Big Goals?

By John Whitt on June 16, 2018
in Uncategorized

Sometimes your day doesn’t go quite as planned. When this happens you have to roll with it. Check out the rest of the blog to see how this all relates to a fish bowl!

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Three Questions to 10x Your Business

By John Whitt on June 9, 2018
in Clarity

In my coaching career I’ve found that the first really big impact that clients can have on their business is to focus their energy on that which is most important and generates the greatest results. I use three questions to start the process…

Three Questions for Business Owners That Want to 10x Their Business from John Whitt on Vimeo.

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Sometimes Saying “No” Is Critical to Managing Your Time

By John Whitt on May 31, 2018
in Efficiency, Leadership

Saying “No” to an employee or customer request can be challenging and yet it can be critical to time management success. And while we can’t accommodate the immediate demand, we don’t want the other party to walk away upset or angry.

Here’s a quick video on how to say “No” effectively:


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The Big Why

By John Whitt on May 15, 2018
in Uncategorized

When you’re the leader it all sits on your shoulders. Why you’re doing what you do is the key to working through all the effort and adversity. Mark Twain has an awesome quote about the to most important days in anyone’s life…

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