Why is God Doing this For ME?

Stress is up, anxiety is up. The daily news is dire. New challenges arise daily. In this video I share a pause breakthrough that changed my thinking. Similar to Brian Tracy’s 2003 published book “Change your thinking Change your life”.  Change yours today.

What did the meditation teacher say to the businessman when teaching him meditation?

“All right, I want you to take three deep, slow breaths and then very slowly, let go of your mobile phone!”

Stress and Anxiety

Stress is up. Anxiety is up. Meditation is a wakeful pause that refreshes the mind.  Down below I share a pause breakthrough that I discovered this past week.

My inbox is flooded with well-wishing friend emails on how to survive COVID 19. How to work from home, practicing self care in a shelter in place environment, even how to find humor in a negative situation.

The news media… isn’t helping anything. The statistics aren’t pretty, but spending all day focusing on the stats? That’s a fast way to depression and crazy land.

Challenges are everywhere

Shelter in place challenges. Family challenges How do I keep my business operating challenges. Health challenges. Economic challenges, and now we’re wearing protective masks.

What used to be considered normal, delivered plenty of stress and anxiety.  Now there are the additional thousand issues brought about by an evil, fast traveling, breath stealing, virus and an overworked, overwhelmed health system.

Take a breath

Stop. Take a breath. Press pause for just a minute and shift.

Ask yourself, what is this environment doing for you? Why is God doing this for you? What are you learning? What is God teaching you?

Why is God doing this for me?

My new good friend Jim Eaton, CEO of Kingdom Partner Solutions asked me that question in an interview this week and I paused and my perspective shifted. It totally turned the tables on the conversation.

As I thought about the question I began to consider the benefits:

I discovered BYOD

“Bring Your Own Dinner” or breakfast or lunch or coffee is now available because everyone is learning video conferencing. I have family in the Northwest that I don’t get to see that often and we’re connecting Saturday nights and it’s live and it’s on zoom. Everyone’s learning video conferencing and it’s awesome. There’s no geographical boundaries with video conferencing.

I learned new Patience practices

Nothing tests patience like impending doom. I’m reminded of the cartoon with two buzzards sitting on a telephone wire, and one says to the other “Patience, my ass, I want to kill something.”

Yeah, that’s me in times of trouble. I want to take action and today I have to stay home because of Shelter in Place guidelines! Health issues and the economy are at the front and center of my attention and the best thing I can do is stay home.

I’ve learned to practice some new breathing exercises and I use it. Breathe in deeply for a count of four, hold for three counts, exhale for five counts and repeat for five or six repetitions clears my mind. and become back more calm, relaxed and more focused.

I’m not just a human doing

The general frenzy of doing, buying, acquiring, coming and going, is less. There’s no FOMO. I’m not missing out on anything because nothing’s going on.

I’m more accepting of living and loving. I’m more often a human being, instead of a human doing,

I am more grateful.

I am more appreciative of family and friends and love.

I Can’t. God Can.

My trust is in God is growing because I can’t. God can.

I expect the list to grow because this isn’t over yet. You might have a different list. What’s your take on what this environment is doing for you? What is God doing for you in this environment?

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