Cash Flow & Payroll

To get off the cash flow rollercoaster, you have to understand the fundamentals behind how cash comes in and out of your business.

Your Time & Talent

After all the years, all the tools and all the clients we’ve worked with, the key to successful business building boils down to the attitude and decisions.

Make the Right Moves

Successful business owners use proven strategies and tactics that set up effective opportunities for success. Here’s the deal; we know the strategies.

I coach executives & business owners JUST LIKE YOU to achieve their dreams!

I’ve coached and trained countless professionals and business owners JUST LIKE YOU over the years to build their business into a scalable and saleable platform where they can exit and grow into the purpose driven leaders they were meant to be.  When you have time and financial freedom you’re free to pursue the dreams and plans that you desire. I’ll work with you to clarify your goals, make your plans, execute and adapt, all in a quest to achieve the goals & dreams they only ever hoped might be possible someday.

Checkmate by John Whitt

Checkmate Book

The ultimate victory in the strategic game of chess, a timeless competition dating back to the 6th century. Coach John Whitt has combined the strategic thought process he developed playing competitive chess with his multi decade business experience in project management and business coaching to deliver a proven process that will help business owners convert their ideas into revenue. Checkmate is an easy to ready, easy to follow introduction into the practical application of proven business principles and five key attributes for success that Coach John has created and refined as essential for business to thrive.

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Our online business success program provides the tips, tools, and proven growth strategies to owners, entrepreneurs, and executives who really want to learn how to make the right moves in their businesses. This simple, affordable, proven, comprehensive, and collaborative solution is our answer to increase results for small businesses.


Share your Benefits and inspire your market. Attraction Marketing with BusinessWhitt’s Better Business Results video package. It’s Remarkable simple. You are the “expert” answering interview questions. Educate your potential clients and effectively by delivering your value proposition allowing them to choose you over the competition. Leverage your experience with BusinessWhitt’s Better Business Results video package consisting of three to eight video clips created from the interview.


Tina Lissauer

To say John is only a business coach, would be a disservice to John Whitt as he understands that your personal life inner-twines with your business life. I first signed up for John’s blog’s and videos and the more I read and watched, made me decided to sign up for Business Success Blueprint’s (BSB) 5-week workshop and have to say WOW and THANK YOU to Coach John Whitt for putting together these great videos, group conference calls, thought provoking worksheets and one on one calls with John himself. He answers your questions thoroughly and helps you keep on track and moving forward reaching your set goals and mission. After BSB I learned a more effective way to operate my business and how to prioritize my time to service my clients better. Hiring John Whitt from Business Whitt as a business coach was the smartest business decision I’ve made! Tina Lissauer Action Virtual Assistant

Geraldine Larson

I just finished the Business Success Blueprint training with John Whitt and I am impressed! The course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. John has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing the program. But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with John and other participants. This format gave me the confidence to implement new techniques to immediately better manage my schedule that allowed me to get more done, in contrast to my past failed attempts. As a new business owner, John’s program highlighted areas that I didn’t even think about. More importantly, John provided the blueprint to position my business for faster growth and to avoid costly mistakes. I highly recommend John’s training to everyone! Geraldine Larson CEO, G. Larson Associates

Michelle Lange

The Business Success Blueprint was a real game changer for me. John is a genius at looking at your big vision for your business and reverse engineering exactly what needs to happen every year, week, and day to turn that vision into a reality. My biggest take away from John’s coaching was how to set up my business in a way where I can focus on the most critical, profit-generating activities and delegate the rest. This has been pivotal, freeing up time, energy and bandwidth to focus on what I do best. Most importantly, I now feel more empowered, happier and more fulfilled in my business. John is a force of nature who gets results. It may be one of the best decisions you make for your business! Michelle Lange Marketing & Video Expert CEO & Founder, M Lange Media


    review rating 5  John is a very astute and focused professional coach. He is extremely clear on metrics as a mainstay of measuring success for his clients. His approach to coaching takes into account the behavioral style of those he coaches and masterfully works with them to create positive client defined outcomes and business growth.

    thumb Robert A Bowen Jr

    review rating 5  John Whitt is an insightful business coach that can help any business get to the next level. I recently attended his Business Blueprint seminar that provided me many valuable tools to grow my business. Worth every cent.

    thumb 949 Local

    review rating 5  I highly recommend Business Whitt. They provide invaluable guidance to our business. Having Business Whitt as an advisor really helps our business reach the next level.

    thumb Ron Morris
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