Share Joy and Avoid Referral Etiquette Failure

Explode your business results with a  continuous stream of gold plated referrals.    This one simple process can save you hours of time.  Simply  follow the referral etiquette process outlined in this video .

Have you ever provided a referral and then not heard back on the results?  Two or three weeks go by, some event or notice triggers a memory of a referral you provided. You stop for a second, scratch your head, and wonder whatever happened?  Unfortunately this happens all the time and it kills the desire to fuel further referrals.

Don’t let this be you.  Share your Joy and avoid referral etiquette failure. There is a process and an etiquette to providing a continuous loop of killer referrals. Today’s blog outlines a process for consistently receiving a continuous stream of gold plated referrals.

Orchestrating referrals means that you are creating referrals for your business with intention and predictability. Referrals are wonderful warm opportunities for developing new customers.  Spontaneous referrals aren’t bad, they’re simply unpredictable. Understanding and following the process for orchestrating referrals transitions unpredictable to predictable.

Once you’ve initiated the orchestrating killer referrals process you’ll want to create a continuous, refillable, loop.  This isn’t hard to do but it has to be intentional.  It’s so simple you could overlook it, but then… the consequences would be enormous.  You might need to schedule it on your calendar so you don’t miss it.

Quick Review

Video #1 in the series: What to do with a 47 year flight layover defines the absolute requirement that must be met before you can ask for referrals. you wouldn’t dare ask for a referral without this.

Video #2 : 7 key attributes of killer referral sources identifies how to define and refine your ideal referral sources.  Realize that all referrals are good however, some are much better than others. Identify your best sources for amazing results.

Video #3: Pre-framing the conversation shares the process for initiating the referral request early in the relationship.  Set the stage for success.

Video #4: You discover why clients are fearful of providing referrals and how to eliminate the fear.

Video 5: orchestrating guilt free referrals for startling results you’ll discover the process for timing your referral request with perfection.

Referral Etiquette Follow-up

The last step in the process creates a continuous loop of killer referrals. so you’re never thirsty for opportunity.  This step occurs after you’ve connected with you’re referrals and established a relationship for a new opportunity to serve.

Simply loop back and share your positive referral experience with your referring client.  Keep your referring client engaged by sharing your joy. Your client will love you even more when you provide a little joy in their day, knowing that they we’re able to help you after you did so much for them.

That’s the power of reciprocation and Joy. Joy is magic.  Jesus brought light and joy to a fallen world over 2000 years ago and it’s been working miracles ever since.

Past Client Referral Process

Up until now we’ve been discussing new clients. But you might be asking yourself how to leverage all of your existing “A” list clients that haven’t experienced your Pre-frame conversation?

Scrub your customer list and identify the “A” list ideal clients. Use the strategy identified in Orchestrating Killer Referrals #2. Prioritize the list. And reach out for a conversation.

Begin the conversation on a high note. Re-congratulate them on all of their success. Ask them how they are feeling.  Ask them to describe the experience of your service and how it is impacting them now. Celebrate the experience.  When they reached that peak satisfaction moment, share that you’ve developed an amazing new process to reward customers that have reached such exciting levels.

Not only do you have a gift for them, You have a gift for three of their friends or associates that are of the same caliber..  You aren’t offering this to everyone. They’ve been specially hand picked because they were such an amazing customer.  They are the lucky ones to extend your value.  And of course when you deliver a wow experience and close the loop they’ll feel better all over again.  You can use this system over and over again to orchestrate an endless stream of Killer referrals.

Strategic Execution Planning

If your strategic plan includes growing your business you likely have revenue growth as a goal.  Increasing your red hot referrals is a strategy for increasing your marketing results and ultimately reaching your sales and revenue targets.

If you don’t have goals and a plan you should. You wouldn’t drive across country without a plan and you’d check it frequently.  You wouldn’t build a building without a set of plans and specifications. Don’t drive your business without a plan.

Getting started and creating your plan is easy when you attend the One Day Business Accelerator Intensive.  Not only will you discover and receive the template for effectively managing your plan you’ll discover business breakthroughs all day.

You don’t have take my word for it. You can watch and read testimonials on the registration page.  Attendees rave about the value they received in just one day.  Imagine the Energy and excitement you’ll experience when you have a plan to bring your business and your life to new levels of joy.

The One Day Business Accelerator Intensive is one day to change your thinking and change your life.  The choice is yours.

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Cheers to your success.

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