Why Should I Buy From You?

t difference?

Develop one. Otherwise, you are selling a commodity, like pork bellies…and a commodity is sold on price and the lowest one at that!

But you say, I sell pork bellies, how can I possibly have a DPD?

There is always a way to make what you do unique and different. Think about your customer and what they value but have a hard time getting; like advice, application assistance, training for their people, service, return policy…How about being the only company that actually has a human being answer their phones? Maybe it’s your guaranteed delivery, “Overnight, guaranteed.”

So if you and your employees can’t think of anything, ask customers! Tell them you want to be the best in your business and ask them what is it they just can’t seem to get from anyone else? What do the other vendors, even you, do poorly? What’s missing? When you ask for help, people in this country largely do their best to provide it.

Not sure where to start?

Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing:

WEAK: “We help entrepreneurs grow their business by growing their people.”

DPD: “We have successfully helped over 5,000 firms grow their business over 30% the first year by growing their people.”

WEAK: “The focus of my business is to help individuals and teams learn to effectively communicate with each other in a way that will be profitable for their company. Teaching them effective communication enables them to be a highly effective and functioning team.”

DPD: “Our clients have reduced turnover by 75% and increase productivity of their teams by 50% in one year by training managers. In just one weekend, we can train your managers how to hold coaching conversations, not direct employees, and increase our bottom line.”

WEAK: “…helps organizations diagnose and solve issues relative to leadership and management. Retention, coaching and training are our areas of specialization. We use cutting edge diagnostic and assessment tools to help identify and solve development issues. We have a long track record of delivering effective results.”

DPD: “Our clients consistently get 34% or higher ROI the first year by getting more from their existing people through improving communication, interpersonal interaction, and self-motivation through leadership training. You’ll enjoy lower turnover and keep your best managers from leaving for your competition.”

Action Steps

Here is what you do to put your learning into practice: Take out your legal pad, write your DPD. Then go try it out, try variations on it, then find one that “lights up the eyes” of your prospects then memorize and post it somewhere visible to serve as a constant reminder. This way, the next time someone asks what you do, a powerful statement of what you can do for a client that drives sales will roll right off your tongue!

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