10 Business Lessons to Learn From Baseball

America’s favorite pastime isn’t great just for enjoyment and relaxation purposes; it’s also the source of numerous life and business lessons. After all, some of our culture’s most popular sayings (“You can’t win ’em all,” “He really hit a home run that time,” and “He was out before he reached first base.”)

Filled with memorable characters and fantastic rags-to-riches stories, baseball is more than just a sport for millions of people. There are many valuable lessons you can learn through this magnificent activity. Whether you’ve spent hours in the dugout or in the stands, of if you don’t know an RBI from HBO, you’ll find a lot of great inspiration, and maybe even a smile or two.


1: It?s a Long Season
2: Play All 9 Innings
3: You Have to Swing to Get a Hit
4: The Better You Do, the More Fun It Is
5: Ignore the Hecklers


6: You Play Better with a Coach Who Knows the Ga
7: It Hurst Worse When You?re Losing
8: Review the Statistics
9: Slumps Happen
10: The Game Reflects Your Preparation

Lesson Number One: It’s a Long Season

The Major League Baseball season stretches from April to October, and includes over 160 regular league games. And that doesn’t include pre-season scrimmages or playoff match-ups. With each game lasting an approximate 2.5 hours, that’s a lot of time on the diamond!

What happens in the first inning of the first game in the pre-season has little bearing on who the pennant


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