John Wayne’s Simple Strategy for Solving Life’s Problems

Sometimes I use cow stories to help my clients see the solution. All to often we try to solve problems in the wrong order. In this short video, you’ll learn a short, three step, problem solving process that works every time and a solution for killing the problem forever.

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Hey guys, coach John here and I just want to tell a little story. I got a little hat on to tell this story. Imagine that you’re a cowboy riding the range. When I was a kid, John Wayne was the cowboy. He was the guy, he was the man. And you know, imagine John Wayne’s on his horse riding the range. He’s riding the range to check on his herd and he’s got his trusty sidekick because he never goes out without a partner, Charlie. Charlie’s next to him and they’re riding along and comes upon their irrigation ditch and there’s a cow stuck in the ditch. And uh, he pulls his horse to a stop and Charlie, Charlie gets all excited. Oh my God. Oh my God, boss. We’ve got to go find out how that cow got in the ditch. We’ve got to go find that out right now. And John Wayne, John Wayne would turn around, look at Charlie’s and say, well, hold on their partner. I think maybe we ought to just get Bessie out of the ditch first. Yeah.

And that’s what John Wayne would say. That’s the best John Wayne imitation I’ve got. And today I really just want to share with you this three step problem solving process that works every time. Anytime you’re involved. You know, the key is to fix the problem first. Step number one, fix the problem first. Get the cow out of the ditch. And I like cow stories. Cow stories help kind of illustrate what we’re trying to get done.

And, and as soon as the cow gets out of the ditch, then we’ll go look and find out how the cow got into the ditch. And when we find out how the cow got into the ditch, we’ll get through the, the why’s and the how’s and the when’s and all of that stuff will come out in that research. And then we’ll build a plan. Step three is to build a plan to keep the cow from getting into the ditch again. That’s it. It’s very simple. Number one, get the cow out of the ditch. Solve the problem. Number two, find out, do everything you can to figure out how the problem occurred. How did that cow, how did he get in the ditch? And then number three, build a plan. Build a plan that allows Bessie to roam free where she needs to, but can’t get stuck in the ditch. Let’s build a plan that doesn’t allow that problem to happen again? And that’s the key, planning is the key. Because when you do the planning right, then you’ll get the results that you’re looking for.

Now if you’re looking for work life balance, today’s busy age where distractions are everywhere, you need a plan, a plan that will keep you on track and on focus for serving your business and your family and your health and your long term financial security. But you might say, I don’t have the time to build a plan or I don’t have the energy to sit through a planning session. Or you might just not know how to get started. And all of these thoughts might be rattling around in your head and they might stop you from moving forward and doing what you know needs to be done. Well, what if there was a simple, easy process to create an amazing plan for your business that would also serve your family and your health goals and your long term financial independence? Would you want to know the process? If this is you, then I urge you to investigate my one day business blueprint intensive.

It’s one day, one day to build your plans, that you have a path to achieve the results that you want for your business and your life. Just click on the link below, right down there. Check it out. It’s one day. It’s easy, it’s interactive and it’s fun and you don’t have to take my word for it. You could see what others have to say about their experience right there on the page. They might think it’s expensive. Business plans can cost thousands of dollars, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you can do for $97. Check it out. Click on the link below, and if you’re ready to make 2020 the best it can be, register now and you’ll be on your way to creating your amazing plan for 2020. Cheers to your success.

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