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January 31, 2020 | Irvine, California

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Create Your High Profit Strategic Business Plan for 2020 and Be on Your Way to Tripling Your Income & Impact

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The One-Day Business Blueprint Workshop That Will Help You Take Your Business From Struggling to Thriving!

Learn the proven strategies and create an actionable plan from a coach with a winning record of 3xing many clients' revenues. Seats are very limit, reserve your spot right now!

“The ideas generated in the last half hour will generate about $10,000 additional revenue this year alone. Wow”

JOSH WAKEFIELD, Agent, Financial Guides

What to Expect at The One-Day Business Blueprint Workshop

The One-Day Business Blueprint was developed to help entrepreneurs and business owners just like you create a winning plan that will allow you to create a predictable, high income earning business that you run and manage... instead of one that runs you!


The most 3 common symptoms of a broken business are :


• You work too many hours (over 35 hours weekly)

• When you're away from the business, you're stressed out and anxious

• You don't make enough income to make it all worth it


During this One-Day Intensive workshop, I'm going to teach you how to overcome all of these problems with a proven blueprint that can double or triple your revenue if executed the right way and allow you the freedom that all business owners deserve.


When you attend, you will:

Develop A Proven Success Playbook

Create a solid motivational business plan and strategies that you can execute in 2019 to build the momentum for doubling or tripling your revenues this year.

Get the Proven Impact7 Sales System

Learn my powerful, natural and sustainable persuasion selling system to create and maintain a full pipeline of high-quality prospects and clients.

Achieve Greater Results With Less Work

Learn the art of focus and eliminate distractions and time and energy drains so you can do what you do best, creating more enjoyment, time and freedom in your business.

Align Your Business, Passions & Profits

Discovery how to leverage your innate purpose, passion and genius to create offers with high profit margins so you can scale to multi-6 or 7 figures and beyond.

Get Ready to Create a Business That Will Help You Make Your Dreams a Reality!


17701 Cowan Suite 150

Irvine, California




9:00am - 5:00pm Pacific Time



Let's be honest, there are a lot of empty promises out there.


And although I'm 100% confident that my One-Day Business Blueprint Intensive will put you on the path to transforming your business this year beyond your wildest dreams - I don't want you to have to risk anything to find out for yourself.


This is why I want you to take advantage of every proven business success strategy I'm going to teach in this intensive.


Even if you get one key strategy from the entire day that could transform your entire business, wouldn't that be worth it?


I thought so!


Reserve your seat now before we fill up. Seats are extremely limited.

Your One-Day Business Blueprint Coach

John Whitt

Hi, I'm John Whitt and I'm excited and honored to have you join me for a day of creating your winning business plan and learning the tools and strategies to help you take your business to new heights of success.


Over the past seven years, I’ve served over five hundred clients in a variety of fields such as financial planning, medicine, coaching, real estate, IT services and more. 


And I've had the honor of helping my clients increase their income in very short amounts of time - like a 372% increase in 10 months! But these success stories don't happen by chance or just hard work... 

They happen by applying predictable and scalable business practices that I teach in my high level coaching programs.


And for the very first time, I'm making these highly valuable and long-kept strategies available to you for FREE - in this One-Day Business Success Blueprint Intensive!


You may be wondering what the "catch" is or why I would give away such valuable coaching?...


The answer is simple - it's my mission in 2019 to help 100 business owners to break free of being a slave to their business and create a profitable, enjoyable one that allows them to have the quality of life they deserve.


That's right, if you're killing yourself working long hours and stressing out all the time without the compensation of income to make it all worthwhile - YOU'RE A SLAVE to your business. But the great news is, you can break the chains in just a single day... and for FREE.


Reserve your seat today before we fill up!

January 31st, 2020 | Irvine, California

Reserve Your Seat and Learn How To Create Your High-Profit Strategic Business Plan for 2020 and Be on Your Way to Tripling Your Income & Impact


What Our Clients Have To Say

"John is incredibly knowledgeable and he has a lot of incredible advice to offer. Just sitting down with John and going over goal setting and planning is broke down into clearly understandable and manageable steps. He really helps you start to see the road ahead and to start planning your journey. His weekly videos are quick and contain a ton of helpful information and the information he provides to those who hire him is worth its weight in gold. I'm very much looking forward to working with John in the future as I continue to set and tackle newer, bigger goals in my career."

Tony Burton | Attorney | The Myers Law Group

"Spending an hour, a day or on a longer term coaching program with John Whitt, you know it will bet time and money very well spent. Coaching is not a cost, but a tool that will get you to another level. Sales always comes with highs and lows. We plateau with our current set of skills, budget and available resources. John sheds light on what you are missing, where the improvements need to be that bring the maximum return and then help you set up the plans, strategies and tasks that will bring you to the next level…and then the next level...until you are where you want to be. Highly recommended!"

Tom Schulze | Broker/owner | ListWell Realty

"You covered weeks of material in a very succinct time frame. I have several to do items that will help my organization tremendously."

Tom Dillon | CEO Millennium Knight

"Great energy. Information was relayed very thoroughly. The information has stimulated my thinking and willingness to change."

Amy Chironis

I'm grateful my bookkeeper referred me to John, he is beyond amazing as a business coach!

Dr. Hanna

I saw an increase in sales and membership in my fitness studio, under John's guidance and it was the first time I was kept accountable to anyone besides myself! 

Shelby Mirrotto | Arbonne Executive

"I loved the way everything was presented and explained, it made it easy for me to remember and truly understand everything that was taught."

Ireland Engel

"I really liked the interaction and it helped me set some goals that I had been neglecting!"

Patrick Hardy

"The presentation was fun, informative and energetic. There was so much information that I can use for work and life!"

 Erika Heaney

"I realize I am not that different from other business owners. I now know where I am and have ideas and plans for what’s next in developing my biz further."

Audrey Wilson

"Great topics with very doable action items for my business! Love the illustration of what a 10% increase can mean to my bottom line!"

Stacy Golden Liscock

"Thank you! It is worth the money and the time. The meeting was very lively and conducted in a very professional manner."

Jaime Dawly

"Informative and inspiring!"

Jennifer Bachelder

"I received concrete ideas for each of the aspects discussed."

Paula Schaefer

January 31st, 2020 | Irvine, California

Reserve Your Seat and Learn How To Create Your High-Profit Strategic Business Plan for 2020 and Be on Your Way to Tripling Your Income & Impact

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