How to Overcome Work-Life Imbalance

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you can’t think straight. Overwhelm and stress go hand and hand along with the associated health impacts. Watch this video now to discover one key strategy and 5 steps to move from overwhelm to productive.

When you make the right moves, winning gets a lot easier.


Have you ever been overwhelmed by the demands on your time?

We all have at some point.

Overwhelmed can make your head spins so fast, it’s hard to concentrate!

and sometimes its almost impossible to figure out what to work on first.

and then anxiety creeps in and maybe guilt, because you’re not spending enough time with your family or you’re afraid of dropping one of the dozens of balls your juggling.

You might feel as if you’re in quicksand and the harder you work and struggle… the faster you sink.

You’re in the work life imbalance zone.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

H,i I’m coach John,

Your time is your most valuable asset. You can never get more time. You have a limited amount of time and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Your only solution is to use your time more wisely.

Today I want to give you one strategy and five steps for arresting overwhelm at whatever stage, for you.

Perfect work life balance isn’t possible. Nothing is perfect.

Life is a state of imbalance.

The solution is to effectively manage the imbalance to achieve your goals.

if you’ve got big business goals you might need to spend more time on the business. But, think about how accomplishing these goals will serve your family.

Your big business vision and goals may require a high investment in time, with a big return later.

The #1 strategy to defeat overwhelm is to get buy-in on your vision from each of your key stakeholders.

Stakeholders for your business represent everyone that benefits. Your number one stakeholder is your spouse, followed closely by your children. Unless of course you’re not married.

Other stakeholders include, employees, shareholders, service providers, and customers. The list can go on.

Buy-in is an agreement. An agreement on your vision and your time.

1. Make a list of your stakeholders

2. Prioritize the list your spouse usually comes first.

3. Identify what’s in it for them.

Identify WIIFT for each stakeholder

4. Schedule a crucial conversation

Crucial means that you will likely script out the conversations, the objections you expect and results you need. Don’t wing it. when you wing, it you get wing it results.

5. Get buy-in. – Negotiate an agreement on your vision and your time.

For your family it might be a weekly date night, or 2-3 evening events a month with your kids, or Sunday family day. Whatever it is, you’ve now put a boundary around your time and you can pursue your vision with vigor.

Your children won’t understand. They don’t have the capacity but you can still negotiate an agreement about how much time and what type of events you can commit to.

You might need to make a change and not know how

You might not have clarity, or know how to sell, or get buy-in for your vision.

I can help.

Type stakeholder in the comments below and I’ll send you my getting to yes, Impact7 process for achieving buy in from your stakeholders.

Cheers to your success

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