Three Big Lies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Stop Believing

Last week I asked a client “when was the last time he raised his prices?” “It’s been 4 years” he said. He was buying in to lie #2. Watch this video now to discover the three big lies and make sure your not making these big mistakes.


When you know something with all your heart and soul it has to be true… right?

Well, not always…

There are three really big giant lies that we tell ourselves that hold us back.

We believe them but, they just aren’t true. .

Hi I’m coach John

And I’m out here in Phoenix this week for Jeff Walkers Launch club and LaunchCon events.

Five and a half days of business building tips, tricks, secrets strategies and amazing relationships.

I’ve been here three days and my head is already overflowing.

This conference is packed with rapid growth, business building ideas, strategies and tactics.

It is in a word, “AMAZING”

and I’m totally excited to share my learning with my clients.

I make two trips a year to Jeff Walkers events.

This is my professional development time.

Working on my business instead of in my business.

The weather is awesome and I’d love to be playing golf but I’m not, because I’m in the hotel ballroom watching these amazing business building presentations.

So, yesterday afternoon I saw a cartoon image that really resonated.

Imagine cave man times, before the wheel is invented and two cave men are pulling a box of rocks across across the ground. Now, the Inventor of the Wheel is right behind these two hard working, sweating, slaving souls, and he’s offering up the wheel.

He’s literally holding up the solution to make their transportation requirements easier and 10x their productivity.

And the first cave man turns to the Inventor of the Wheel and says “no thanks I’m too busy”.

Really, too busy to put wheels on your cart and 10x productivity?

This same scenario happens all the time in business today.

We, and I include me in this model, get trapped into operating as we always have.

We get trapped into focusing on todays results and miss out on exponential opportunities.

Opportunities that would allow us to live the life of our dreams.

Not the life we have today but the one we dream about.

Where day to day money worries are non-existent.

And we have the time freedom we want to spend with our families and our children.

There’s a huge misperception that the population buys in to.

These are dangerous, lies that we tell ourselves. Dangerous because they hold us back.

The first one is that our value is tied to the hours that we work. If we work more hours we add more value.

Not true.

The second lie that is that clients are price sensitive.

Affair not true.

And the third lie that we tell ourselves is that we aren’t capable or deserving of that big dream. That we aren’t good enough and because of the mistakes and issues of our past we are getting what we deserve.

These are all self limiting beliefs tied to you value.
Your value isn’t tied to the hours you work.

It’s connected to the value you bring,to those you serve. You can bring big value in very few hours.

Clients don’t make decisions on price. They make decisions on value. If the product or service you offer is worth more than the dollars they have in their pocket they become buyers.

And ultimately you deserve to be rewarded for the value you deliver to those you serve. Your past or current situation doesn’t dictate your future.
Give yourself the time to identify and implement, opportunities to serve big in the world, and you will be richly rewarded.

Carve out the time to learn, grow and develop and you’ll increase the value you bring to those you serve.

All it takes is a few hours each week dedicated to your growth.

if you’re ready to make an investment in yourself and your business,

Write “Better Way” down below in the comments and I’ll reach out for a free complimentary strategic review for you and your business.

Cheers to your success

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