The Origins of Ideas

“Everything begins with an idea.” ~ Earl Nightingale

But where do ideas originate? David Gliecher, author of Gleicher’s formula for change, suggests that Desire is the key. Here’s a simple example:

I’ve used a bookkeeper for several years to keep company financials. I meet with her once a month for a review and on one instance we had to meet on a Sunday morning. I needed some important documents and she volunteered to drive 30 minutes one way to make the delivery.

So that morning, I’m thinking there has to be a better way (desire for change). She’s going to spend a minimum of an hour on the freeway traveling back and forth and I’m annoyed for having to take time away from my family on Sunday morning. So I spent some time thinking…If I only had the documents in hand we could just have a call. Bingo! Her phone has a camera. The camera can take a picture of the document. She can send pictures via her phone. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? Clearly it wasn’t a priority. Can generating new ideas be a priority?

Here’s what I experience in practice:

Everyone is busy running around doing what needs to be done today. Time to think of new opportunities is bypassed in lieu of current results. New ideas need time and thought and focus to flower.

SLOW DOWN TO GO FAST. I know it sounds a little contradictory, but without allocating a little time to explore and develop new opportunities you are destined to repeat the same results – over and over and over. Slow down a little each week. Invest a small amount of time to think and learn and expose yourself to new ideas. Give yourself consistent opportunities and ideas for improvement.

The frequency and volume of time is entirely dependent on your desire for better results. However, consider the power of compounding. Would you rather have a penny doubled every day for thirty days or one million dollars? Congratulations if you chose the penny doubled every day. You just made an extra 4.3 million dollars!

“The formula for compound interest is the most powerful formula in history.” ~ Albert Einstein

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Consistent, continuous improvements lead to huge gains. You can start with as little as a half hour.

Here are some ideas on how you could spend your time:

  1. Read a book or a blog
  2. Watch a video.
  3. Talk to a coach
  4. Talk to an advisor,

I’ve been sharing BusinessWhitt’s “Make the Right Moves” video program. The program is designed to generate ideas. Watch a short video and give yourself the opportunity to improve little by little every week.

You can see one of our latest videos here and register to receive our weekly video delivery service.

Ideas are powerful. Ideas are the starting point for making more money. We have clients claiming to have earned tens of thousands of extra dollars each year just from the ideas they identified from viewing one video.

Whether you register for our video service or not you need to give yourself an opportunity. An efficient opportunity to learn new ideas to grow your business.

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    May 21, 2018 at 11:19 pm

    Great Blog John. I love driving an learning and need to start again. Thanks

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