Part 2 of 3: Taking Your Ideas From 0-60

I’m excited to share part two of my 3-part video coaching series on How To Take Your Ideas From 0-60 In Your Business.

Did you know the #1 reason most businesses fail is not because their products aren’t good BUT because they carry too much debt load and eventually all that weight crumbles the business?

It’s a sad reality and it happens because most business owners didn’t test before they invested. You see the most successful brands and businesses test to see if their new products and services will sink or swim, before they go all in.

This is exactly opposite of what many small business owners do, which is invest heavily first, then hope and pray for sales! So in this 2nd coaching session of How To Take Your Ideas From 0-60, I’m going to teach you how to test and sell your idea first, before you invest.

If you have at least one great business idea you’ve been storing in your head, then you need to watch this video now!

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