Giant #3 – Laziness

This is the third giant in this five part “Killing giants” video training series. I’m going to help you kill the giants that are keeping you from the business success of your dreams.

In this video, we’re going to meet a giant that has a very particular and specific appetite. You have definitely battled with this giant but only in 1, 2 or a maximum of 3 areas in your life. Unlike the other giants, this one is very selective in his attacks. This giant is also very old and warnings about him go back to biblical times. This is the giant of laziness. The laziness giant leaves most of the things you want to do alone. He makes you believe that by being busy and distracted, that you’re actually spending your time wisely.

And the laziness giant’s most deadly weapon he uses against you is the distraction of busyness. This is why he loves to attack entrepreneurs. I hear more stories from entrepreneurs and business owners who have admitted to me that the reasons they skipped out on working on their business plans was because they got “caught up” binging on Netflix! And the way you know the laziness giant has his spear in you is when you reward yourself with mindless distractions like Netflix after you’ve had a day of busyness.

The laziness giant is a tough one to kill. But I know you’re capable and I know you want the best for yourself and your family. I believe in you and you must believe in yourself also! Watch the video now and let’s get into the battle plan for this giant.

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