Giant #1 – The Fear of Rejection

Fear comes in all shapes and forms. What if your life long enemy was as big as giant from Game Of Thrones? That’s a whopping 14 feet tall and essentially twice the size of a 300lb NFL Lineman. And on top of that he’s a killer. Everything he does is designed to destroy everything that’s important to you. He’s big, he’s scary he’s battle tested and today he wants to destroy your future, your security, and your family. Physically this giant is crazy imposing.

Some of the mental giants we face are just as imposing. Today’s free training video shares three stories and three steps for defeating Mental Giant #1 – “The Fear of Rejection” This fear shows up almost every day and without constant work it can derail even the hardiest of us.

This is the first giant in this five part “Killing giants” video training series. I’m going to help you kill the giants that are keeping you from the business success of your dreams. The greatest hurdles that keep people from achieving success aren’t physical barriers such as not having enough capital, time or personnel. In fact, it’s the mental and emotional giants to which we’ve given too much power. Through experience I know that killing these giants isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of intention and work to get past them.

Watch the video now and we’ll take on these giants together.

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