Trigger Your Morning for a Peak Performance Day

What would life be like if every day began with high energy and awesome creativity? What if it was a process that you could willingly re-create every day. Would that be inspiring? Well it is to me….

Recently I was in Orlando Florida for Jeff Walker’s LaunchCon conference and I discovered a process that produces creative thoughts and ideas every day, and it’s not a flash in the pan once in awhile process. So far it’s worked every day for three weeks.

For me creativity is a cornerstone of success. When I’m creative I develop and design ideas that are both fun and they push me closer to realizing my goals. When I’m more creative I get inspired. A new idea, a thought, a process, whatever it is I get charged up.

Unfortunately, creativity has always been elusive. It’s not as easy as snapping my fingers and poof I’m creative. Sometimes creativity strikes at odd times and places. Up until now I didn’t have a process. And for me a process, that I can repeat, is a wonderful thing. I’ve never found a repeatable process that consistently delivers creativity. Until now.

I learned it from a friend at an after event networking activity. We were sharing some earlier discussion from Jeff Walker about how he gets his days started.

We were sharing thoughts that evening, about Jeff’s process for getting every day started on the right path and my friend says “Have you ever tried Morning Pages”? He then begins to describe this process for starting every day, the very first thing, with writing. The process is to write three pages immediately after waking up. (An important note for me was that it was ok to make and have a cup coffee.) The goal is 15 minutes and three pages.

The process is outlined in the book “The Artist’s way” by Julia Cameron. It’s a short section in the book, but it has spawned a variety of smaller specific books on the process. I know this because I took action, (nothing happens without action) and found a short book by K Lidiya, that focuses specifically on the Morning Pages process and I made a plan to test it out. What’s the worst that could happen? Maybe I would waste 15 minutes. It certainly wasn’t a big investment.

My first day using the process was Sunday November 11th. It’s hard to describe the experience. For me it’s a path from the subconscious to the conscious, as my brain begins the process of waking up and becoming engaged for the day. I continued the process for the past three weeks and I have to say, I am amazed.

The creativity that arises, from these first 15 minutes of the morning, is remarkable. On completing the exercises I find myself energized and excited for the day to proceed. And it hasn’t been just one day, or a couple of days, it’s been every day for the past seven days. In fact, I’ve found it hard to stop in 15 minutes.

I’ve been in the coaching space for over 30 years now in one way or another. Building and leading teams in the corporate world and now the past eight years in my coaching practice. Peak performance is not easy. It takes work and energy and effort. Morning Pages is a short simple activity that pushed peak performance every day.

I encourage you to give it a try. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Please leave a comment below if you’ve tried Morning Pages, if you found this article helpful, inspirational or even if you’re using another process to get your day started on the right path. I’d love to hear about it.

Cheers to your success.
Coach John

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