The 1 Day Business Plan

This years super bowl drew over 90 million viewers on CBS television. Streaming video results indicate over 2.6 million people were watching during any given minute of the game. Planning for the event starts years in advance and it’s clear that the planning process is the key to achieving amazing results. Events don’t reach these results without a solid plan.

Planning is a hugely valuable process in the success model. In this video, I’m going to share six key benefits you receive from having the right plan. Without a focus on anticipated result, anything could happen and frequently does. Teams can’t cooperate without a coordinated plan. It’s every person for themselves. No house gets built without a set of blueprints.

The benefits of a solid business plan are significant. I’m excited to share a new program with you where you can plan your own Super Bowl business results for 2019. Here’s the best part, it’s absolutely free! The One Day Business Planning intensive. When you’ve completed this intensive you will have a fully completed business plan from which you can reap all the benefits. You’ll also be able avoid the challenges that come with not having a plan.

In this intensive program, I’m going to be sharing the strategies that have helped many of my clients double and triple their revenues. If you are ready to put a plan in place that will create massive results in your business this year. If you are committed to having this be your breakthrough year. Then you’ll want to be at this one-day intensive. Be sure to act soon before the 25 spots are full.

You can check out the details of the full program at A business plan is the right move for your business. Watch the video and build your business plan now! And make sure to follow up and sign up for your FREE one on one coaching session with Coach John at

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