Translating Ideas into Money with Video Bonus

In my career I’ve had the opportunity to participate, run, and implement large scale and high volume construction and technology projects. Everything I learned in the projects business is directly related to coaching. Coaching is about change and every change starts with an idea. A project converts that idea into results and for virtually every business project the desired result is money. Here’s a seven step process I built with Georgia Perkey, Managing Director for Inpoint Advisors, to translate your ideas into money faster and more effectively.

There are two building blocks:

  1. Attitude – The most important component of success.
  2. Learning – Change requires new learning. Faster change requires faster learning.

And Five keys:

  1. Clarity – Everything starts here. The more the better.
  2. Engagement – It takes a team. Leading a team, even if it’s only a team of one, takes discipline and strategy.
  3. Validation – Research, test, and validate assumptions before spending the big money.
  4. Planning – Building the action plan. The marriage of tasks, time, and resources.
  5. Change – Effectively managing scope and project changes through completion.

You can read an entire treatise on each of these steps. However, if you’re not a full time project manager you don’t have time for that level of learning. You need a simpler, quicker, and easier form and format for launching your ideas so… I wrote a book!

Checkmate: Winning Tactics for Translating Ideas into Money!

Checkmate is all about winning. Translating ideas into money is a winning business strategy and winning tactics give you the edge. Follow the steps and you’ll spend less time and less money getting to your goal. It’s a win-win-win! Reply to this e-mail and I’ll send you a free copy when it’s published(which should be in about two weeks)!


Here’s a look at one of our latest short business tips videos that relates to, and emphasizes, how important it is to have clarity and to plan out your next actions to efficiently reach your goal.

Vikki Higgins: 3 D’s, Secret Playbooks, and the 8 F’s to success

“Some people say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why it’s recommended daily.” ~Zig Ziglar

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