The Amazing Referral Generating, Generosity Power of The Five Minute Favor

The simple act of giving has been shown to improve mental outlook and clarity. It actually reduces stress and anxiety… and when stress and anxiety are reduced, joy has the opportunity to flourish. In three short minutes I’ll share a simple hack that I recently discovered for increasing joy through generosity. It’s totally free, 100% in your control and delivers results. It’s a microloan that builds relationships, compels reciprocity and generates referrals.

What if you could harness the power and joy of giving and generosity in just 5 minutes?

The simple act of giving has been shown to improve mental outlook and clarity. It actually reduces stress and anxiety… and when stress and anxiety are reduced joy has the opportunity to flourish.

Studies show that People who give without expecting anything in return, turn out not only to feel better for having done so, (I call this experiencing joy), but, there’s a bonus, they also turn out to be more successful.

The challenge for all of us is how to be more generous with everything that is already on our plate. If we had unlimited time and unlimited money we could be generous all the time. But we don’t. We need a hack.

Enter the five minute favor. The strategy isn’t new. The name is, at least to me. Ilearned the concept from fellow executive coach Jeff Husserl over coffee last week. I was so intrigued i did a little research. The five minute favor is a powerful theme outlined by Adam Grant’s in his book, “Give and Take: Why helping others drives our success”.

A favor is a gift of generosity. It generally isn’t expensive. It can be as simple as donating 5 minutes of your time, but time is precious. and the value of time is immeasurable.

Imagine if you could do three five minute favors a day. That’s 15 minutes a day, 21 favors a week, 1092 favors a year. What kind of karma would that produce?

Here are five different favors that can be accomplished in 5 minutes or less each day. This is not a finite list. At the end of this blog I’m going to ask you to add your ideas to the five minute favor list so we can create an amazing generosity hack for the world. This is an amazing gift.

1. Be a super-connector: Facilitate an introduction that could mutually benefit two people from knowing each other.

2. Offer valuable feedback: It could be about someone’s business idea or a blog article they wrote.

3. Give an endorsement: Provide a recommendation on LinkedIn, Trustpilot and Yelp, or commend. again refer them to someone in your network.

4. Share your ideas: If you know something that could benefit someone, don’t hold back. Inform them about it…knowledge is power!

5. Stay social: Make sure to “like”, “share”, “retweet” and post comments when you can offer value through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or whatever other social platform you use.

Seeing others succeed because of something I had a hand in is an awesome feeling that goes beyond the favor, at least in my opinion. It’s the primary reason why I’m in the coaching space. It improves and strengthens your relationships and it’s a simple gesture that’s not just benevolent…but fosters great karma too.

Even if you don’t physically receive anything in return, it’s been proven that giving of yourself and doing good for others leads to success. I challenge you to implement the five minute favor into your daily routine. You can make a New Year’s resolution but why not start today.

Write five minute favor on a post it and put it on your bathroom mirror. Read it every morning and act on it every day. Add more joy to your life and the world at large by being a little more generous every day.

Before you leave scroll down and leave a comment. Let me know you were here and please add your ideas to the five minute favor list.

Cheers to your success.

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