Nourishing Customers with Happiness and Love

T’was three nights before Christmas and all through the house… Christmas chaos was everywhere. Chirstmas chaos is the work and effort that goes into nourishing those we love on Christmas day. Nourishing and nurturing those we love includes customers and prospects.

Twas three nights before Christmas and there’s not a spare countertop throughout the house. There all covered with cookies and wrapping paper and bows and ribbons and gifts and snacks.
In three days it will transform into peace and joy and happiness. Joy and happiness its what we all want.

Speaking of happiness… Did you know that the United States is the first nation in history with the word happiness in its official chartering papers? The declaration of independence begins
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

Happiness doesn’t happen with the snap of your fingers. It takes work. Wishing really, really hard won’t do it either. It takes a lot of work to pull off happiness. That’s why the counters are covered.

You have to nourish happiness. Nuture is act of providing nourishment. Nurturing is the action required to pursue happiness. To nurture is to care for and encourage growth and development.

Entrepreneurs have to have exceptional nurturing skills

You must Nurture:
Your idea so that it grow into a business.
Your business so it grows and matures
Your customers so that they grow and mature into more successful businesses.
Your prospects so they can grow and mature into customers.

If it’s just money you want, executives usually earn more in salary and perks, stock options, and bonuses than the great majority of entrepreneurs.

But the entrepreneur has something else. He has control. And once the business is truly successful, which means it’s probably in a state of happy expansion. He or she can hire the best executives to run things while he or she takes a few months’ rest in Hawaii or Greece or plays golf in Nairobi or does a bit of deep-sea fishing. Really it’s what ever you want.

It starts with you. As an individual you must nurture yourself. Feed your mind and body with healthy attitudes thoughts and nourishment. Nurture yourself so you can be the best you can be.

And when it comes to growing customers…Lead nurturing is exceptionally valuable. Nurturing leads is the process of taking people from being vaguely interested in what you have to offer to desiring it and wanting to be your customer.

When it comes to marketing, the money is in the follow-up. Fifty percent of all salespeople give up after one contact, 65% give up after two and 79.8% give up after three shots. Here’s another set of staggering stats: only 3% of the people you meet are essentialey ready to buy right away, 7% could be convinced to buy, but a full 30% might buy at some later point in time. Your nurturing program is designed to reach this 30% 30% of your market which is 10 times the potential of initial immediate buyers.

Your lead systems are like the farmer planting seeds. Customer seeds. Imagine if a farmer planted seeds and then refused to water them more than once or twice. Would he have a successful harvest? Hardly. Nurture your customers. Nurture your prospects Contact your database regularly with valuable information. Note that it doesn’t have to be just about your products and services, it just has to be valuable.

Become a welcome guest Instead of being a pest. Become a trusted a authority.

The most important thing you can take away from this message is to become a marketing farmer. Some of these prospects will convert into customers immediately, while others will do so weeks, months or even years later. This is how you grow customers.

Add a nurturing campaign to your new years resolution to grow more customers in 2020 and beyond.

Before you leave, scroll down and leave a comment. How are you, or will you, nurture your prospects in 2020. Enter Essential Elements in the comments below and I’ll send you the complete list of Marketing Strategy Made Simple Essential Elements

Cheers to your success.

Merry Christmas

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