Improve Your Profitability by Over 50%

If you gave me $10 and I promised to give you 10% interest back, but instead I ended up handing you $16, how often would you want to repeat that transaction? Probably as often as you could, right? I’m going to let you in on a little hidden secret that’s going to flip the math that you know - on its head…The math that you’ve been taught your whole life is called linear math. Linear math is basically 1+1 = 2 and 2 + 1 = 3… so on and so forth.

This is the type of math that you’ve probably been using to calculate how long it’ll take you to retire and how much money you need to win the lottery and live out your dreams. The problem with linear math is that in order to get big results, you need to generate equally big outputs. In other words, if you want more money, you need to work more hours. If you have a job that pays you an hourly wage, you know that it’s going to be impossible to work enough hours to make a million dollars (based on industry standard pay rates). Now linear math is great for counting apples and oranges, but it’s terrible for figuring out how to double and triple your profits.

This week’s video is my interview with Joe Locricchio where I share the the Way to Wealth Formula. The Way to Wealth formula will literally allow you to improve your profitability over 50% by simply improving a few simple metrics by 10%.

Remember the example of getting $16 back for every $10 you put in? The type of math I’m talking about will give you power to do this. The Way To Wealth Formula leverages the power of compounding in order to get you big results. If you’re not familiar with what exponential growth vs linear growth looks like, watch the video and you’ll see how it works. The Way To Wealth Formula is uber powerful. In fact, the incredible results my clients get would be impossible without it.

When you’ve finished watching the video send me a message and share one thing you can do to improve your customer Formula by 10%.

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