How to maintain love and experience joy during life’s detours

Learn to be a DETOURIST, six keys for success. Life in the USA has taken an abrupt detour. If you live in a cave it’s no different for you but, for most of us, it’s a startling change. It wasn’t a detour of choice and yet we must adapt without losing love and joy and hope. Discover how to enjoy the detours of life.

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Imagine you’re on a road trip, you’ve got the family with you, and you’re traveling comfortably along, and then up ahead, you see flashing lights, you get closer, and you read a sign that says, caution, detour ahead.

Lizard Brain

Immediately your lizard brain, that’s the one God’s equipped you with, that focuses on survival, begins to scream stories in your head, listing out all the bad things that could possibly happen. You’re going to be late. You don’t have enough time, you don’t have enough gas or food, or maybe one of the kids has to go to the bathroom.

But what if you’re a detourist?

A detourist embraces detours, and down below, I share six keys for effectively enjoying the detours in your life, because every good story comes from a detour.

But first, understand that in reality nothing ever goes as planned. But. that doesn’t negate the value of the map. The map ,or your plan, is your course guideline. The map, even with the detours that you experience, will always get you to your destination faster and more efficiently.

Course Correction

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.

Your map, your plan, defines your destination. The jet airplane traveling from New York to LA is off course most of the time, but autopilot constantly corrects the flight path until the plane arrives in Los Angeles. The key to any good plan is course correction and course correction is simply change management, It doesn’t happen, it can’t happen, unless you have a plan in the first place.

Strategic Action Planning for COVID 19

If you need a good process or template for creating a plan, read to the end. After I share the keys to become a detourist, I’ll share a free opportunity to create your plan for effectively responding to COVID 19.

Life is full of detours.

You know you’re a detourist when:

  • You savor the element of surprise because straight paths are boring.
  • You find one beautiful flower or picture along the path and you name it after the detour that led you to it.
  • You keep traveling the detour to see where it leads.
  • You find new friends along the path. They’re everywhere.
  • You use it as a chance to locate your internal compass because reflection can be amazing and you might learn something new about yourself.
  • You put the pedal to the metal and you make it the best road trip of your life.

Today’s detour

Today, the flashing lights say detour coronavirus ahead. How should you adapt?

If you’re on a road trip, you could stop and ask for directions. Unless of course, you’re that classic guy that never asks for directions. One set of directions or helpful guidance might not be accurate for your destination.

Directions ahead

What if you could ask for directions from multiple sources all at one time? What if you had a community to help you navigate to your new normal? Would you be interested? If a community of leaders and resources that can help guide you through this would be valuable, then join me and other leaders for a free strategic action planning, training and mastermind.

We’ll work together to develop your plan for effectively responding to detours. Today’s detour is COVID-19 but this isn’t the last detour that you’re ever going to experience. The link is in the description above or below this message.

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Now, I usually sign off with “Cheers to your success”, but today I offer love and blessings to you, your family, and your loved ones, because God’s love never fails.



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  1. Fuhlroth
    September 14, 2020 at 11:09 am

    I love your authenticity. Glad I came along this video.

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