How Knowing Your Greater Purpose Can Propel You to Greater Levels of Success

Business owners work hard. And hard means long hours, stress and responsibility. Many of us have had this a conversation with ourselves like this or someone has asked us this question:

Why the heck am I, or are you, working so hard? And Is it really worth it? The reality is that Entrepreneurs often work longer and harder hours with more stress than employees and they do it for less money. Especially in the beginning. And yet entrepreneurs love the life and time freedom that running their own business provides.

Today’s video provides a one question starting point for defining your purpose and propelling you to greater energy, power and inspiration.

Studies show that Entrepreneurship is the FASTEST path to Financial Independence. And it’s not financial independence just for you. It’s for your family. It’s for the one’s that matter most. When I started my own practice in 2010 I remember some friends congratulating me and others telling me I was foolish and that it was too hard to run a business especially in California. But my purpose was bigger.

So, if you’d like a copy of the 1 Day Business Plan Blueprint breakthroughs and you want to get unstuck and start that business breakthrough, then please fill out a request HERE and we’ll send them right over. You’ll have access to great feedback and discussions regarding all sorts of problems and issues that business owners run into AND how to solve them. I look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers to your success

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